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“POLISH THE APPLE” – Help Grow Your Business on Purpose

We do an extensive review of your company to determine what your business’ fair-market-value is versus where you’d like it to be. After this review, we can work with you to create a path to build a more valuable business – we help you “polish the apple”.

Often business owners will come to us thinking about selling their companies. The review we do is the first step – you gotta know where you are now in order to grow purposefully. When we tell them what the estimated FMV is today, they are often dismayed and realize they would rather sell it at a higher price. We help put policies, procedures and systemization in place to create and handle growth.

This happens so often we decided to offer this service as a separate event from just listing businesses for sale. It is our desire to help you obtain the best price possible when you do decide to sell.

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Our interim accounting services are offered to companies who are transitioning from one controller to another, the current controller or accounting manager is overburdened, start-up companies, or the company is small enough to not have the budget for a full-time accounting professional.

We understand the value of accurate and timely financial statements, systems and controls, and the management of bookkeeping staff. We ensure that your accounting department functions reliably, without interruption.

We provide this service for defined regular periods of time or for specific special projects.

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Tina Marino, our President, owned her own accounting practice for 18 years before joining The Heim Group, Inc. She has experienced bookkeepers working for her to provide your company with efficient, reliable and timely bookkeeping services.

You are good at what you do – let us do what we do best. We prepare your books through financial statements on a monthly or quarterly basis. We are able to help you set up on QuickBooks or we can clean-up your existing system.

We also are lovingly called “The Mess Fixers” – it doesn’t matter how disorganized (or non-existent) your books are, we’ve got the way to get your mess cleaned up quickly and accurately. Many of our clients have had multiple years of being in arrears and we catch them up rapidly.

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